Pallet Tables Update Strawberries Salad Radish and Kale

Here’s an update video on the Pallet Tables from 6 weeks ago. The results are both amazing and not so great. The strawberries are the star of the show, 11 out of 12 varieties have done really well. The salads and kales are doing fine and the radishes have bolted early. Any idea why? Thanks

4 thoughts on “Pallet Tables Update Strawberries Salad Radish and Kale

  1. Excellent video combined with an amazing commentary,
    P. S. Can’t wait 2 eat some strawberries !!

  2. Hey, whats the avantage of this kind of culture? I love the modularity, but how does it compare to sow these in the ground directly rather than in crates?
    thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi, well the videos answer your questions. We use the crates for a number of reasons, because we have fresh greens and strawberries directly outside our backdoor but also to demonstrate that food can grown anywhere without land even on a balcony.

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