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7 thoughts on “Subscribe for free

  1. Interesting “spuds” is that the biggest they grow? Or are they like salad potatoes? What do they taste like ? Do you think they would grow in any soil?

    1. We have found they can grow quite big, although not as big as potatoes. Typically about the size of the ones in the video. They have a lovely nutty and lemony flavor, we like to roast them with a good sunflower oil, pepper and salt. I would say they will grow in any well drained soil and the richer the more tubers you get!

  2. Interested in new Potatoe ? Oca … I fancygrowing it in pot on my balcony ? See how it would do …

    1. Oca definitely will grow in pots. We have used 10 liters pots per plant. We will make a quick video on harvesting one of these to show how much came out of it, but i believe Oca makes for an excellent potato like crop in very small space!

  3. Thanks for the interesting evening, along with giving us your plants and seeds. I have some young flowering plants growing here which I have too many of such as Honesty flowers, Must Mallow, and the herb Feverfew. If any of you need some let me know and maybe we could meet in Athlone or somewhere. Michael Egan.

    1. Hi Michael, sorry for the late reply. We’d like to get some of those plants off you, that would be great. Thank you for the offer and for coming to the workshop! We could arrange a visit some evening next week and we can show you our gardens. Give me a ring if you want.

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