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Workshop – No Dig Lasagne Gardening

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We ran a no dig lasagne gardening workshop for PJ and Co in Ferbane Co. Offaly, Ireland. It was only a small patch for demonstrational purpose, left open to expand to the whole front garden. We got lucky, just when the rain started, the second half the day we looked at pictures, presentations and videos […]


NO DIG Garden Summer Tour – 1 Year AFTER Mulching

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Here is a video tour of our front garden 1 year after putting down mulch. We’re only midway in the second growing season after mulching and what a transformation it has been. We’ve done almost no maintenance to keep the garden in good shape, productive and beautiful. The mulch is increasing fertility and biodiversity steadily […]


The Woodchip Island

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Gardening can be highly productive with near zero maintenance by working with nature and creating beautiful spaces in your garden. Combining methods such as ‘no dig’, mulching, insectary and polyculture planting mimicking forest systems helps to restore long term fertility and biodiversity. This new garden is to produce vegetables, fruit, herbs, plants and tubers year […]