How to Grow Easy Potatoes in Containers – Planting

Did you ever grow potatoes? If not don’t worry, potatoes are easy to grow in containers! It’s an ideal method for those living in a house without a garden or even in an apartment with a sunny balcony. The main advantage is that they’re well drained and take up little space. Once the plant has matured they also make for a great gift to encourage a friend or family member to start growing their own by letting them harvest the bucket of potatoes themselves. Very satisfying and you never how many spuds you’ll get, especially a good way to get kids involved in harvesting homegrown food.

2 thoughts on “How to Grow Easy Potatoes in Containers – Planting

  1. That was really helpful thanks. Did the trays and just planted them in containers today. How often do they need to be watered?

    1. Thanks for watching! Not very often, only in the summer if there is no rain for week. Simply keep an eye on them every few days if the leaves are drooping, water them, preferably in the evening or early morning so half the water doesn’t evaporate. Mulching helps reduce the need for watering.

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