Chicken Tractor Starting a No Dig Veg Garden

We decided to make a more detailed and flashier chicken tractor video. The chickens are helping us to prepare the ground for our new no dig vegetable garden about the size of an allotment plot (100sqm). The grass gets eaten and scratched up while the ground is fertilized. Watch how much of a difference only 10 days made.

At least 50% of what the chickens eat is forage i.e. grass, insects and weeds. The chickens have a happy life doing what they love to do – scratching the ground and the eggs are just a high quality bi-product easily offsetting the cost of feed. Plus they’re saving us having to use 3 layers of cardboard to smother the grass for our no dig garden beds. If you don’t want to keep chickens, don’t worry this video also contains another way of prepping the ground smothering the grass before starting your new garden.

2 thoughts on “Chicken Tractor Starting a No Dig Veg Garden

  1. like your fince/gate way. I am making bed for asparagus like your wood chips with Wine cap, here in the southren

    1. Great! We planted Wine cap last year and 2 years ago. Plenty mecilia in the compost and woodchip layers. Hopefully we’ll get a flush of mushrooms this year. 😀

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