Starting 7 different Edible Tubers

In this video we’re showing you how to start 7 different edible tubers including the Potato, Oca, Mashua, Ullucus and Yacon from south America and the Apios and Jerusalem Artichoke or Sunchoke from north America. Some of them are frost sensitive and are best started indoors in a greenhouse before planting them out. Others are hardier but can benefit from being started early resulting in higher yields at the end of the growing season. Please let us know if you have any questions.

3 thoughts on “Starting 7 different Edible Tubers

  1. Hi Joel. I just got the edible tubers delivered and the free gifts thank you Can I please ask you a question? I got a raised bed wooden planter but the interior is covered with a plastic to protect the wood. would that still be ok to plant the tubers there? as it doesnt have the hole as small planters do.

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    1. Hi Ana,

      Thanks for your comment! Yes the tubers will grow fine, but make sure the water can drain from the bottom of the planter. Stagnant water is never good as it creates anaerobic conditions. The bigger the container the more yield you will harvest from each plant. 10 liters is plenty for Oca and Jerusalem artichokes, mashua need more space.

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