Yacon Tuber Harvest & Winter Selection UPDATE

In this video we are harvesting the first Yacon tubers this Winter. Yacon is a tasty and easy to grow vegetable, long term storable and similar in texture to an apple but dug up freshly in dept of Winter.

UPDATE: We’re doing our best to get all of the Winter Selection pre-orders packed and sent out. We’d like to thank you for your patience. It’s been a mild Winter up until a week ago, a lot of plants haven’t gone dormant until now. We have now had several days of hard frost of up to -8C and the ground is frozen making the harvest of more tubers difficult until the milder Atlantic breeze comes back at the end of this week, unfortunately it usually comes with the rain as well. Still better than these extremely cold temperatures. Gardens for Life Gift Vouchers are now available on our website. Also the next Homesteading workshop day for January has been announced and our online no dig course is available too.