Early Winter Garden Tour

Winter is firmly on it’s way! In this video we’re going to give you a quick tour of our gardens after the first mild frosts and just before we’re about to experience a week of -8C hard frosts. In anticipation of the hard frost coming a week in advance according to weather predictions, we dug up a good few tubers and mounded all of our Yacon stools left behind in the garden. We using a good thick layer of compost to hopefully protect the growing tips from the frost and from being tawed too quickly by the sunlight causing the cell walls to burst, leaving behind black crowns. The results will be revealed after the hard frost is finally over and we will be preparing adequately for the another one indeed! The Winter is far from over and thankfully we’re about to get a breather with a tropical storm bringing some warm air on the Atlantic ocean. Unfortunately this also comes with the usual bit of rain, but with these cold temperatures we’re experiencing at the moment we don’t mind. We’ll be posting a video tour showing the gardens toward the end of the long one week frost shortly.

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