World Radio Day – Gardening and Well Being

Today, we are contributing to the World Radio Day with this quick 3 minute talk about how gardening can improve your quality of life and well being with the aim to encourage more folks out there to get started. Thanks to Athlone Community Radio!

Here at Gardens for Life we like to show that working with nature can be very rewarding and bring back people’s connection with the land and the environment. The opportunity to convey information about gardening on the radio is a good way to pass on our experiences and help others get started with their own gardens. Spending time outside in the garden helps to gain balance and can make you feel better both physically and mentally. When following natures ways, an abundance of produce can easily be created with very little maintenance. The surplus can be shared with family, friends and neighbors. Exercise is just one of many benefits, but most importantly fresh in season food grown right at your door step without the use of chemical inputs. Children learning where food comes from is another.

The garden itself can be a wild life habitat, almost a sanctuary providing food and shelter for animals and plants alike. Starting a garden is the beginning of a transition towards a better quality of life, which we ourselves are in the middle of. You can start this journey by simply spending more time outside observing nature and start growing your own food, even if just a few kitchen herbs in containers. A famous Chinese proverb goes: The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now.