Radio – The Gardening Slot

We’ve been asked to speak about simple steps people can make to start a garden on Athlone Community Radio for 5 weeks from today every Wednesday at 2.20pm. The introduction was last week and we will try to get a link for the audio. Please find a quick write up of last weeks intro at the bottom of this post.

Week 1. Intro – Observation.

Week 2. Writing down what kind of plants you want and placing them on a simple diagram. Flowers, herbs, trees, fruits and vegetables.

Week 3. Decide on suitable gardening method and gather materials such as cardboard, compost and mulch.

Week 4. Mark the area and put down cardboard or prepare soil.

Week 5. Put on a layer of compost and mulch.

Week 6. Start plants from seed or purchase seedlings from garden center or online.


Week 1. – Introduction – My name is Martin and my wifes name is Bianca. We have just over an acre of land with our house in Roscommon and we have lots of a small gardens to show how much can be done in a small space.

Through gardens for life we like to encourage people to start their gardens no matter how little space you have, anywhere from a few flower pots on a balcony to a 1/10th of an acre or more in your front or back garden.

Achieving high productivity with near zero maintenance is easy when following natural principles. The key is to work with nature rather than against it. There are a lot of benefits to gardening. For example truly tasty and chemical free food, exercise and good health. Also the creation of wildlife habitat and even saving money are some of the many positive side effects of having a garden.

Please send in any question you might have and we will try to answer them. In the coming weeks we will talking about things you can do to get started and discuss things