Grow and Harvest Oca Tubers in a Small Space with Zero Maintenance

We like to grow food in small spaces as we are expanding our gardens bit by bit. In a previous video we densely planted a square meter of potatoes in our woodchip mulched lasagne garden and harvested a bucket of tubers with no maintenance. Now in this little experiment we simply planted 30 small Oca plants very densely in the same size space and harvested them without minding them throughout the growing season. Here is the video revealing the result and the winner with the best guess of many kilos are harvested!


Previous Post from the 22nd of June 2019:
Hi All! Last week we planted out a batch of Oca tubers. In this video we want to show you how easy it is to start Oca tubers in pots and plant them out into a mulched garden. To make it all the more fun, we are going to make a harvest video weighing them after the growing season and we are going to post out a free sample to whose guess is closest. Simply post your estimate in grams or kilos in the comments of this video on facebook or youtube. Thanks and Good Luck! 😀

Useful Plants Series – Oca