Useful Plants Series – Oca

Oxalis Tuberosa

Available seasonally in our SHOP from November to April.

Oca is an ancient tuber from the Andes. Whilst it has similarities to the potato, it is certainly smaller in size however it is superior in some ways. They are easy to grow, needs no attention and very little space. Oca are very healthy and tasty, also a valuable source for vitamin c, b6, a, potassium and iron.

It was first introduced to Europe in the 1830’s to compete with the potato, somehow it never became popular and the potato ended up on almost every Europeans dinner plate on a daily basis for nearly 200 years. Oca is quite rare nowadays, perhaps it’s not suitable for commercial production, however it is an excellent vegetable for any domestic garden! Lets make it popular again!

It can be cooked in much the same ways as potatoes and is just as versatile, also you can eat the Oca leafs that can be used in salads as a bonus. The variety we are growing is New Zealand Yam both red and white.