Next season at Birdland Cottage

One more month and the gardening season is starting up again at Birdland cottage. First jobs here – tidy nursery and build a bigger greenhouse to grow lots of new plants. Also top up wood chips and make room new plantings between perennials all over the gardens. Not to forget the early easter egg hunt for exotic tubers like Oca, Mashua and Sunchokes. Harvest is looking promising this year!

Unconquerable blackberry patches are now a distant memory coming into our third growing season at our new permanent property, thankfully! So many projects done and still improving more and more without any inputs from us! The flywheel of nature has been started up. Perhaps we will have time to finally start our big Walipini (12 month warm pit greenhouse) project next summer. More growing space for vegetables would be nice too. What are everybody’s project ideas for the coming growing season??  Please feel free to comment below on our website or join us on facebook. Thanks!

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