How to reduce slug impact naturally

Are slugs the bane of your existence? Here are 9 tips to reduce slug impact on your garden naturally.

  1. Do not purchase poison aka slug pellets and spread them around your garden.
  2. Don’t leave decaying plant matter lying around, remove it entirely and throw in compost pile away from your growing space.
  3. When growing plants from seed keep them in a greenhouse with a very dry floor on tables until strong enough. (see our anti-slug table video for extra tips)
  4. Only plant out good size plants with strong roots as these will take off quickly and the slugs can’t keep up.
  5. Plant perennial flowers, fruits and vegetables as these are tough plants able to grow quickly in a wide range of conditions year after year.
  6. Long term – encourage natural predators such as hedgehogs, voles and frogs.
  7. Contrary to common believe, mulching the entire growing space with mixed woodchips actually impairs the slugs ability to transverse your garden as the top of the mulch layer is very dry and sharp. When done correctly it leaves no hiding spaces for slugs.
  8. Build biodiversity by planting insectary plants inviting beneficial insects to your garden.
  9. Grow kale instead of cabbages and enjoy longer more reliable harvest windows and cleaner leaves to keep picking from.