Gardening Talk at Transition Longford Coming Up

We’re honored to be invited to give a talk at the upcoming Transition Longford Conference in Ireland this weekend. The event is all about wellbeing and sustainable living, the perfect environment for us to talk about how gardens can improve your quality of life, save money and have a positive impact on the wildlife. It will be about NoDig gardening and working with nature for near zero maintenance, yet high productivity and creating a beautiful space to be in. The talk is scheduled for Sunday the 22nd of September at 1pm.

We will be covering the following topics: Why gardening? How to make a start? What plants suit you – edible, medicinal, ornamental, wildlife or even multi-functional plants?

Come along, ask us questions and join us on our adventurous journey to sustainable, tasty, healthy and local food – one garden at a time! We will be bringing along some interesting plants available for purchase at great value. Also Bianca will giving an inspirational talk on following an alternative path to achieve your dreams as an artist at 4pm the same day.

Transition – Wellbeing & Sustainable Living Weekend