Gardening Workshop Success

Our first gardening workshop was fully booked out and it was a great success. We got to share how a garden can improve your quality of life, low maintenance yet highly productive gardening techniques mimicking natural systems and also we got to talk a bit about our own story.

A special thanks to everybody attending and those who had to leave a little earlier. Thanks to the Chapel Lane Creative Hub for being great hosts and thanks to all of you for sharing our posts to help promote the event! We appreciate it!

We’re are looking forward to having more in depth workshops in the coming months. Topics may include: Techniques, Plants, Propagation, Trees, Products from the garden, Seeds etc. Suggestions welcome! Please subscribe to our mailing list to get updates here:

A general gardening workshop will be held every 6-8 weeks suitable for both beginners and experts alike.

Chapel lane Creative Hub Roscommon is well worth checking out, various volunteers will be running workshops of an artistic, creative and even handcraft nature.…/