Food Security – Growing Winter Veg and Berries, Storing Root Crops

A garden can provide you with harvests throughout the year, even after the abundance of the Summer months and later crops such as apples and pumpkins in the Autumn. There are plenty of vegetables available to harvest during the cold Winter months, some of which can still be sown now in September. Our favourite Winter vegetables are generally greens and beets as these are frost hardy and don’t require processing or storage space in our pantry. Once food is harvested it begins to deteriorate quickly, but if used shortly after both the nutritional value and flavour are excellent. As we always say the best way to preserve food is to keep it alive until you’re going to eat it. Greens always make for a nice addition to storable carbs and meat for those Winter months. If you haven’t grown other crops that require a long maturation period such as potatoes and pumpkins, you can still avail of them in shops and store them in a cool, dark space over the Winter. No matter what time of year, you can always either start a new no dig garden or gather materials and smother the grass well in advance. Elderberry and Sloeberry Cordial and Wine recipes below.

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Elderberry / flower Cordial – Homemade!

Making Country Wine (Sloe Berry)

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