Canning Chicken, Wine making, Garlic, Corn, Pumpkins & Rabbits – Weekly Vlog #5

The growing season is slowly but steadily coming to an end and while we’re enjoying the last breath of the Summer along with the plants in the garden, we are preparing for Winter. We are preserving the many bounties of the garden by drying, canning and fermenting. We’ve always had a keen interest in homesteading with all it’s almost forgotten skills that can be learnt with it.

These are making a come back as people realize that there’s another way and a better quality of life to be had. We started using our pressure canner, made some more country wine and bottled a 4 year old elderflower wine. We’re also showing you the corn, pumpkins and grapes growing in the garden. The elephant garlic and Oerprei are now dry and ready for storage.

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Elderberry / flower Cordial – Homemade!

Making Country Wine (Sloe Berry)

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