The famous onion slice recipe!

To make the famous onion slices is simple enough, however it can take a couple of hours. It’s a very rewarding way to turn basic fresh ingredients into feast for the senses. We got lots of good feedback from people whom have tried them at the christmas market and previously at other occasions. The slices are full of intense flavor, dense and satisfying.

This time we have adapted the recipe slightly to suit a wider pallet, i.e. we made two trays with bacon and two without. We used organic full strength onions instead of mild spanish onions like the book suggests, for extra flavor stronger cheeses can be added such as mature cheddar or even blue cheese. Also caraway seeds have been substituted for freshly ground nutmeg. The quality unrefined sunflower oil made a big difference as well.

Quick tip: Consume within 24 hours at room temperature for freshness or keep in fresh fridge for up to a few days and briefly bake in oven for just a couple of minutes.

For recipe please check pictures below.