Ancient Edible Tuber Spring GIVEAWAY!

Winter finally appears to be coming to a finish and to kick off the new 2019 growing season we are doing another giveaway. Our little gardens burst into abundance last year and we are sharing some of our surplus of 6 different tubers. Take your gardening to another level and really make use of the root layer all year around with perennial tubers. Included: Mashua Blanca and Amerillo, Oca New Zealand yam red and white and 2 types of Jerusalem Artichoke Fuseau. More info on all these in our useful plants series below and more different tubers to come next winter.

To enter for FREE simply subscribe below. (If you are already a subscriber just reply to our Spring giveaway email.) This Giveaway closes at 6pm (GMT) on Sunday the 7th of April. 2 Winners will be announced at 8pm (GMT) on Sunday the 7th of April. Please note we ONLY post to EUROPE for freshness.

Useful Plants Series – Jerusalem Artichoke

Useful Plants Series – Mashua

Useful Plants Series – Oca

5 thoughts on “Ancient Edible Tuber Spring GIVEAWAY!

  1. I tried to enter your contest but it asks for my email address and for me to subscribe, then tells me I am already subscribed…so I have no clue if I am actually entered in the contest. Thanks.

    1. Hi Mary, i see you are already a subscriber indeed. To enter the draw you can simply reply to our Spring Giveaway email. Thank you!

    1. Thanks for your request. We’re thinking of doing one in june when everything is growing. We will let everybody know well in advance!

  2. Thank you for giving me
    a chance to win,! And trying something new to eat!

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