Ancient Edible Tubers INTRO & HARVESTS VIDEO Nov 2019

Even though winter is a cold and dark time, we always look forward to it as there is a wondrous event taking place in the garden. Every year when the first hard frost signals that our growing season is more or less over, tuberous plants have retreated underground storing their energy for the following season.

We have been growing ancient tubers for some years now and we want to encourage others to grow them. They are a rewarding crop with diverse flavors, high yields and come in all sort of colours and shapes. Mashua, Oca, Yacon, Apios and Jerusalem artichoke are hardy plants and require no looking after at all when planted into a mulched garden.

We have been growing various tubers in large pots with good results, in particular Oca. Each year we’re harvesting tubers throughout the winter directly from our gardens, so they don’t require storage space in a root cellar or shed. This makes them a great source of fresh food without having to harvest them all at once. Ancient edible tubers are rare and truly a hidden gem! They are not well known these days, but we’re hoping to change this by offering decent quantities of tubers at affordable prices and all the advise we can give for free.

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