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We’re always happy to exchange value for value. Let us know what you’ve got! Whether it’s plants, seeds, cuttings, honey, craft, chickens, rabbits or any other garden / homesteading related items either by post or in person. Simply CONTACT US

7 thoughts on “Barter with Us

  1. I have sweet chestnut seeds I collected from Howth, Co. Dublin. I also have a few perennial kale cuttings (been put in pots to root for about a month) if you are interested. I am interested either in Yacon tubers or in root cuttings of that mint / lemon balm hybrid you had advertised earlier in the year

    1. Hi Robert, Thanks for your offer. Sweet chestnut seeds would be nice. We’ve got some varieties of perennial kale, but biodiversity is everything. 😀 No bother I can email you our details and you can reply with yours, and we’ll do a swap. We use nightline / parcelmotel inside of ireland.

  2. Hi Martin and Bianca .

    I like it so much that you accept barter as a method of payment !

    Unfortunately I couldn’t find sweet chestnuts seeds this year ( and nearly planted them all already ) .
    Are you interested in medlar seeds by any chance ?
    I have also yacon rhizomes but hard to tell what variety are they ( plain white to start then they turn red-purple) .

    Also could get loads of gooseberry cuttings ( green mostly but also have a few from a red one ) , the green ones are very productive and so far 3 years disease free .

    Would be interested in amarillo mashua ( even very small tuber ) or small tubers of oca ( I have the red and the yellow already .

    Best wishes ,


    1. Hi Ionuț,

      Thanks for your message! Medlar seeds would be nice. Did you grow them in the UK? I saw your picture of them on instagram the other day.

      I have found it hard to root gooseberry cuttings a few years ago, i probably wasn’t doing it correctly though. I’m willing to try again. 😀

      I’m afraid the Mashua amarillos we’re are already out of completely, we almost don’t have enough for replanting next year. We do however have lots of Mashua Blanca and plenty of Oca’s.

      I’ll send you an email with details.

      Thanks a million,


      1. Hi Martin and Bianca .

        Thank you for your quick reply 🙂 .
        Yes , the medlar seeds are from our allotments .
        The only tree I know in this area ( and only about 4 sweet chestnuts in the parks ) .

        No worries if you finished the yellow mashua a few of the orange oca will be greatly appreciated ( already have a few little white mashua ) .

        The gooseberry cuttings strike quite well for me ( also can send you some black currants cuttings ) .

        I’ve sent you an email yesterday , don’t know if you received yet ( if not will write more details again ) .

        Thank you very much !

        Have a great day !


          1. Hi Martin and Bianca .

            Don’t understand why it doesn’t want to go thru .
            Sent you more details in a PM on Instagram 🙂 .
            Happy harvesting , the roots are looking great !


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