8 Berries You Should Grow in Your Garden

In this video we’re showing you 8 different berries we’ve been growing in our gardens. These are all easy to grow, almost zero maintenance and very rewarding as you harvest your own fresh berries year after year from early Summer to mid Autumn. Berries are considered a medicinal food as they contain tons of vitamins, minerals, anti oxidants and if harvested fresh enzymes as well.

Some are common but often underrated such as Currants (red, white & black), Raspberries, Strawberries and even the less commonly sold but delicious Gooseberry. Other berries are more rare but can be grown with a high level of productivity depending on the variety chosen. These include Gojiberries, Jostaberries, Tayberries and the historic Salmonberry. There are others not included in this video such as Grapes, hardy Kiwis (as small as a berry), thornless Blackberries, Seaberries, Elderberries and so on. We will do a follow up video on these.