Micro Food Forest 1.5 Years Old

This micro food forest came into existence by accident! We had some compost and leaf mould left over from a project and decided to turn this unused corner of our land into a productive zero maintenance space. In this small 2×2 meter area we planted a fig tree, an apple, a peach and a persimmon tree. In between there was lots space for fruit bushes and medicinal flower.

So we planted some honeyberries, rhubarb, black & red currant, Jostaberry, Gojiberry, Pepper mint, Marshmallow and Valerian. In the first year there was even some space between all of these perennial support plants, so we planted some annuals such as potatoes, Oca tubers and Beetroot. This small 4sqm area has already been incredible productive and now we’re giving you the tour.