Rhubarb Crowns

Rhubarb is a hardy perennial plant native to central Asia. Ideal for pies and jams. It requires no maintenance and provides an abundant harvest year after year. Our favorite variety is Glaskins perpetual because it can be harvested after mid summer until the end of the growing season. Great ground cover for planting along borders and under trees, particularly fruit trees. Once established rhubarb plants will yield a steady harvest for years, and decades. Ideal for gardens and homesteads. Crowns are 1 year old and about 10cm long.

1x Glaskins Perp. Crown €3.90
3x +1 Free Glaskins Perp. €11.50
6x +3 Free Glaskins Perp. €22.80
1x Large Glaskins Perp. €7.50
1x Victoria Crowns €3.90
3x +1 Free Victoria Crowns €11.50