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6 Ancient Vegetables Grow Challenge and New Giveaway

This spring we have set up a grow challenge. You can grow food anywhere anyplace even without access to land. We are growing 6 different ancient edible tubers in pots and we are going to give the harvest away in a free giveaway raffle at the end of the growing season. We do like potatoes but in this challenge we included something a little more exotic – Oca, Mashua and Jerusalem Artichoke.

To enter for FREE simply subscribe below. (If you are already a subscriber just reply to our ancient vegetable grow challenge email.) This Giveaway will be closed and the winners will be announced after the harvest video at the end of the growing season. Please note we only post to Europe for freshness.

We have posted a video (see below) of setting up 12 large pots filled with compost mulched with woodchips and volcanic rock dust. These are in a permanent location in the middle of our nursery in full sun and will be looked after until harvest time. Although nearly zero maintenance they will be watered in times of drought. You can follow progress as we will post pictures and video updates during the summer.

More details on all these different tubers, see links below for our useful plants series.

Useful Plants Series – Jerusalem Artichoke

Useful Plants Series – Mashua

Useful Plants Series – Oca