Wild Mushroom Foraging

We went for an afternoon of wild mushroom foraging with Irish mycologist and mushroom expert Bill O’Dea. It was a very informative and entertaining day starting off with a chat and Bill giving a talk about the world of fungi and the basics on various mushrooms growing in Ireland.

After the group had collected a selection of mushrooms, these were identified and the good edible ones were then cooked and eaten. Fantastic flavors to be had, especially the honey mushrooms and also the king Oysters Bill brought in for us all to try. Somebody even found a medicinal turkey tail mushroom in the shape of Ireland.

A big thanks to Bill and Frida for coming and a special thanks to Fiona and Philip for organizing the event. We can definitively recommend their foraging events, especially because participants are enabled to tap into a great resource, local and wild foods. We are greatly encouraged to learn more about foraging and growing gourmet mushrooms!

Click here to visit Bills website