Tiger Nuts – Chufa


Chufa is a hardy perennial producing a generous deposit of delicious starchy tubers commonly known as tiger nuts or earth almonds. These can be eaten fresh or dried for long term storage.

Tiger nuts were the primary source of food for our Paleolithic ancestors 2 million years ago and they are among the oldest cultivated vegetables dating back to 16000 BC in Egypt. The nuts grow underground and can easily be made into a beverage called tiger milk by blending them with some water and sugar. Ideal plant for a perennial vegetable garden or a forest garden as it will grow year after year with almost no maintenance. Tiger nuts are dried for storage, please soak for 24 hours before planting. Please note they are frost sensitive, so they are best planted out after chances of a hard frost have passed. You could start them early in trays or pots in a greenhouse in April or May to give them a head start.