Strawberry Plants 12 Varieties

Strawberry plants are an easy fruit to grow especially when planted into pots, crates or a mulched garden. They are as versatile as they are tasty both fresh and preserved. Plants are bare root and harvested freshly when ordered. Strawberries are the first of many berries we are enjoying from our garden in early Summer.

Please note these are BARE ROOT PLANTS – See Videos on planting & harvesting below

50x BIG MIX incl 5 varieties €39
10x Cambridge Favorite €8.90
20x + 10 Free Cambridge Favorite €17.80
10x Birdland Cottage €8.90
10x Elegance €8.90
10x Vibrant €8.90
10x Centenary SOLD OUT
10x Symphony €8.90
10x Florence €8.90
10x Red Gauntlet €8.90
10x Sweetheart €8.90
10x Snow White SOLD OUT
10x Malwina SOLD OUT
10x Pegasus €8.90

We have a video below briefly reviewing all 12 varieties and i’ll be talking about cropping, flavour and how early they’re producing runners.