Starting Seeds using Soil Blocks & Trays

It’s that time of the year again. Lets start seeds! In this video we’ll demonstrate starting seeds using soil blocks and conventional plastic trays. Both methods have their ups and down. Mainly the soil blocks air-prune the roots resulting in a higher quality seedling that will take off quicker. Using plastic trays requires less preparation time but seedlings are not quite as flexible when the time comes to planting them out and the roots can become pot bound. We will be using both methods going forward as it’s always good to diversify your options.

2 thoughts on “Starting Seeds using Soil Blocks & Trays

  1. Good video- thank you for the advice. How do you water the soil blocks after planting seeds in them? Do they keep their shape?

    1. Thanks! Yes they do keep their shape very well even with regular watering with a watering can same the rest of the seedlings in trays.

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