Spring and Free eBook Coming

Hi All,

Just a quick reminder, today is the last day of our special offer. All orders placed today receive 3 FREE seed packets worth about 10 euro. We will include a mix of generous amounts of vegetable, herb and flower seeds so you can share them with your gardening friends! Also we are giving away 50% extra free with every Mashua order for the remainder of March.

Spring is nearly here, it’s getting warmer and all the trees and bushes are leafing out. The honey berries and figs are already starting to set little fruits preparing for a time of plenty in late summer. It’s a time of the tuber season of winter finishing and regrowth of a new years growing season emerging. Not so long ago this time of the year was considered the so called hunger gap, as the stored vegetables and fruit from the previous year were slowly but surely depleting whilst the first leafy greens and early vegetables such as asparagus are only just emerging. When you create a diverse abundance in your garden, designing it in a natural fashion, you can harvest food and even medicine year around making a huge difference by contributing to a more sustainable life style and a better quality of life.

We will be publishing a free Q&A ebook on no dig mulch gardening inspired by our 6 week radio show which has just finished this week. We answered questions for beginners and experts alike. We will let you know when we’re done editing and post it up on our website. In the coming weeks we will also be publishing a step by step guide on the subject covering more detail. Apart from gardening, this year we will also focus a little more on plant propagation and preserving produce for the off season months.

Happy gardening,

Martin and Bianca