Special Offer – 3 Free Seed Packets

Hi Everybody,

We’re doing a special offer in our little online shop. All orders placed before the 3rd of March receive 3 FREE seed packets worth about 10 euro. We will include generous amounts of vegetable, herb and flower seeds.

CLICK HERE to go to the shop.

We now have Apple Mint, Pepper Mint and Lemon Balm root cuttings available in our online shop. Both can be used for tea fresh or dried and they are perennial so you’ll have them for years to come. Grow them in a pot or a garden bed. Lemon Balm is also an excellent fly repellent for those coming hot summer months, plus it smells lovely!

Exciting times, it’s nearly time to start sowing! We’re clearing an area and building a bigger greenhouse for starting new plants. Hopefully we can finish it just before the new growing season starts.

Happy growing,

Martin and Bianca