Soft/Semi-hardwood Propagation

Here is a cheap and easy way to root plant cuttings and multiply your plants in a matter of a single growing season. This should work with most softwood and semi-hardwood cuttings such as currants, gooseberries or flower shrubs like Forsythia etc. Herbaceous plants can also be propagated in this way.

The pictures have basic step by step instructions attached.

Rooting medium – Pure sand can be used but it’s a little heavy and the roots may have a hard time growing. Using a mixture of sand and perlite or pure vermiculite is best.

Keep tub covered with plastic at all times to stop the cuttings from drying out and not in direct sunlight. Spray water to keep leafs most once a day for 6-8 weeks until rooted. To check carefully pull up one of the cuttings using a butter knife (do not pull too hard or the cutting will loose of the fine hair roots.)

Always remove any bits of plant matter that may cause mold in the tub.

Once rooted, cuttings can be removed from rooting medium and potted to grow into a full plant.


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