Shops closed? Just pick up a few bits in your garden!

Just a thought with the hurricane here in Ireland this weekend.

Growing your own vegetables and fruits has many benefits including better flavor and more nutrition. But also it’s handy to simply walk to back of your house and pick up a few fresh ingredients for the dinner your about to cook. Actually doing this is often more convenient than making a shopping list, getting in your car, driving to the super market and parking the car, spending quite a while picking up what you can find, paying for your shopping, putting it in the car, driving back home and finding a place for it all in the kitchen. It doesn’t help when the shops are closed due to unforeseen circumstances.

Having a small garden with a selection of your choice and picking up what you want when you want it sounds like a great alternative. Also it’s lot more satisfying and it’s free! Lets encourage more people to start their own gardens for the next growing season!