Seed Saving – Poppies

Late summer is best time for saving most perennial flower seeds as they will have gone dry and ready to harvest, yet fresh and best for storage. We made another video on seed saving, this time it’s poppies. Last year it was Marigolds also known as Calendula. We want to emphasize that seed saving is not complicated and anyone can do it.

Saving seeds from plants in your own garden has many advantages.

  • Your plants will adapt to your local condition and grow stronger year after year.
  • You can save money and harvest large amounts of top quality fresh seeds.
  • You can keep varieties that are no longer available for sale.
  • You will become more self-reliant.
  • You can develop your own varieties of fruit, flowers and vegetables.
  • You can share excess seeds and plant material with friends, then you’ve got a backup.