Q and A Sessions Vol.4 – Medicinal Plants, Uses, Fresh and Dried Herbs and Flowers

Here’s the 4th volume of our Q&A sessions. This time it’s all about medicinal plants such as flowers, herbs, roots and even mushrooms. The uses for and differences between infusions, oils and tinctures. We have also got some announcements: We have extended the free seed giveaway raffle to Tuesday the 3rd of March 6pm and we are going to have a seed swap event in the midlands of Ireland on Sunday the 22nd of March. Please see links and questions with time stamps for answers below.

0:00 Announcements: New mic. Seed Swap on the 22nd of March 2020. Free seed giveaway raffle tomorrow the 1st of March 2020.
2:18 I’m not a doctor and I’m not an expert on herbal medicine, we are just basing the information on own experience which we have gathered over the years. You can use books as a reference.
3:07 What herbs or foods can be used to aid digestion?
4:48 What’s the difference between herbal infusion (tea), tinctures and oil?
8:39 What plants can be to boost the immune system?
11:38 Are there any herbal remedies that can not be taken on a daily basis? And which ones can be taken every day?
15:10 What herbs can be used for congested lungs?
17:16 What part of a plant contains the most active constituents?
19:28 Would love to know more about native medicinal mushrooms and how to identify them. What are you growing and how are you processing them?
21:40 I would like to grow herbs for teas and cooking, what are the best ones to grow year round in the Irish environment and the best way to dry them? Also what herbs/plants can help with acid reflux?

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  • Homesteading – Cooking, preserving and storing food and medicinal herbs, brewing country wines etc.
  • Plants – Perennial plants often with multiple uses – Food, medicinal, handcraft and building materials, firewood, insecteries, wildlife plants, nitrogen fixing plants etc.

Seed Giveaway 2020

Garden Seed Swap Event 2020