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A fancy version of perennial wood sorrel, Oxalis is a beautiful edible ornamental both in the garden and on the dinner plate. Both Leaves and flowers make for a delicious and tangy addition to salads and side dishes. These are perennial clumpers and will provide you with plenty of propagation material for years to come.

Can be grown in a container or in a garden bed. It’s a hardy perennial that can take a brake during mid summer and keeps growing for the rest of the growing season thereafter. Please note we currently have a very limited supply and we are aiming to provide better value after this years growing season, however for those of you who would like to give this plant a go we are offering a few starts now.


10x Oxalis Iron Cross Bulbs, 10x Oxalis Triangularis Bulbs, 20x + 5 Free Oxalis Bulbs MIX