When it comes to getting started in homesteading, chicken keeping is the easiest way to get into producing your own food and the eggs are far superior in quality and freshness. For us it’s all about the joy of keeping healthy chickens giving them lots of space to scratch and feeding them a species appropriate diet. But there is more. They are our little helpers in the garden eating and scratching the weeds which saves us a lot of undesirable work. Come and join us for a couple of hours and we will teach everything we know about keeping chickens here in Roscommon.

This workshop covers:
– Considerations
– Providing Water & Keeping it Clean
– Feeding – Layers Pellets & Greens
– Shelter – Coop & Pen
– Security – Keeping them Safe from Predators
– Maintenance – Bedding or Tractoring?
– Egg Storage – Preserving

– Very Easy Gateway into Backyard Protein Production
– The Good Life is Better than the Factory Life
– They Provide Joy & a Way of Teaching Responsibility by Taking Care of Them
– They Provide High Quality Eggs and Meat
– They Provide Scratching Services and with that Compost
– Food Security
– Self-Reliance (Stored Grains)
– Self-Sufficiency (Grain-Free – Convert Vegetables & Fruits into Protein)

Choose date:

1x Ticket Thursday the 6th of June 2024 6-8pm, 2x Tickets Thursday the 6th of June 2024 6-8pm