Learn all the ins and outs of starting your own plants. More details and previous attendee reviews below.

In this workshop you will learn the valuable skill of plant propagation – or the starting and multiplying of plants. Suitable for beginners and advanced alike. It will save you a lot of money, help you expand your gardens and save varieties no longer available in garden centers. You will learn many techniques in detail – from seed to cuttings and we will teach you all the little tricks that have helped us become more successful and productive over the years. Please note that this is a hand-on workshop, meaning that participants will be actively taking part in each of the steps involved. You will be taking home a new skill, propagation material and other samples from our nursery to get you started. Watch some of our propagation videos to get a taste. After purchase of tickets you will receive an email with further details.

Location: Near Roscommon Town, Ireland.

1. Overview & Why Propagate
2. Propagation from Seed
3. Propagation from Cuttings
4. Propagation by Crown & Bulb Division
5. Propagation by Layering – Tip, Air & Stool
6. Grafting
7. Propagation by Root Cuttings

1. Overview & Why Propagate
1.1 – Overview – Difference between Vegetative and Sexual Propagation
1.2 – Save Money
1.3 – Create Living Capital – readily converts to Financial and Social Capital
1.4 – Possibility of expanding Garden exponentially and getting others started
1.5 – Avails Varieties of Plants No Longer for Sale
1.6 – Biodiversity
1.7 – Self-Reliance

2. Propagation from Seed
2.1 – Overview – Gymnosperms & Angiosperms – Pollination by Wind & Insects – Seed Spreading – Wind & Animals
2.2 – Stratification – How & Why? (Mainly Tree Seeds)
2.3 – Germination – Duration & Conditions
2,4 – Growing Medium – Compost
2.5 – Watering – Frequency and Trays
2.6 – Soil Blocks & Seed Trays
2.7 – Using Seedlings once Established & Storage

3. Propagation from Cuttings
(i.e. Willows, Currants, Berry Bushes & Flowering Shrubs)
3.1 – Types of Cuttings – Softwood, Semi-Hardwood & Hardwood
3.2 – Methods & Techniques
3.3 – Rooting Duration & Conditions
3.4 – Rooting Hormone – Is it Necessary? & a Natural Alternative
3.4 – Growing Medium – Peat, Sand & Vermiculite
3.5 – Watering – Frequency and Containers
3.6 – Using Rooted Cuttings & Storage

4. Propagation by Crown & Bulb Division
4.1 – What Time of Year and Why?
4.2 – Crown Division – i.e. Rhubarb & Marshmallow
4.3 – Bulb Division – i.e. Alliums – Clumping Onions, Bulbous Leeks, Garlic & Spring Bulbs
4.4 – Clumping Bulbs in a Perennial Setting – i.e. Forest Garden

5. Propagation by Layering – Tip, Air and Stool
(i.e. Gooseberries, Blackberries, Strawberries, Hazelnuts etc)
5.1 – Why Layering? Advantages over Cuttings
5.2 – Tip Layering – Techniques to Encourage it
5.3 – Air Layering – Method
5.4 – Stool Layering – Method
5.3 – Duration and When to Separate

6. Grafting
(i.e. Apples, Pears, Plums & Nut Trees)
6.1 – Advantages
6.2 – Root Stock & Scion Wood
6.3 – Techniques
6.4 – Aftercare – Pruning during First Year

7. Propagation by Root Cuttings
(i.e. Mint, Comfrey & Horseradish)
7.1 – What time of Year?
7.2 – Method
7.3 – Container or in Situ

Previous Attendee Reviews:

Marian said: What a great workshop! Plenty of hands-on learning about propagation and growing seeds. There is so much to see around you too – so many different plants! Martin is very knowledgeable; you learn about far more than the original topic. Martin and Bianca (and Jacob) are really welcoming. Thanks for a great day!

Grainne said: Had an amazing afternoon with ‘Walk n Talk’ in Martin’s and Bianca’s gardens.. Martin shared his vast knowledge of plants, trees, shrubs and gardening experience with all of us in such a pleasant manner.. we even got to taste plants as we progressed into the tour.. Martin was willing to answer all our questions.. we all came home with plants, cuttings and the know how of how to start a No Dig garden. I will definitely be back.

Kieran said: I had so much fun on Gardens For Life Walk’n Talk and learned so much about no dig gardening. Martin has a wealth of knowledge and is so generous with sharing it. Both Martin and Bianca are so welcoming and their enthusiasm for no dig is infectious!


1x Ticket Sunday 7th of July 2024 12-3pm, 2x Tickets Saturday 7th of July 2024 12-3pm