Potted plants are high maintenance & keeping garden edges

We’ve made a big decision to transform our approach to growing seedlings into plants. For years now we’ve been experimenting with all sorts of techniques, mainly potted plants and no dig garden beds. Plants in pots are handy because they stay mobile during the growing season. However it is an artificial environment and long term (I.E. 6-18 months) this makes the plant very vulnerable. With the aim of achieving near zero maintenance we’re now mostly growing plants in no dig beds. These are easier to keep weed free and almost never require watering. This way plants can still be transplanted during the growing season with minimal disturbance to the roots. In this video i’m also showing the edges where the grass meets the growing space and how we manage it. We have 2 day courses on growing food and homesteading coming up. Visit our ONLINE SHOP for more info and for tickets.

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