Oca Plant Strawberries & Cream

Please note that tubers will become available from late November! Oca is an ancient tuber from the Andes. It’s in the wood sorrel family. They are easy to grow, need no attention and very little space. Oca are healthy and tasty, a valuable source for vitamin C, B6, A, potassium and iron. It was first introduced to Europe in the 1830’s to compete with the potato, it never became popular and the potato ended up on almost every Europeans dinner plate for nearly 200 years. Oca is quite rare nowadays, perhaps it’s not suitable for commercial production, however it is a good vegetable for the domestic garden. Lets make it popular again! It can be cooked in much the same ways as potatoes, our favorite way is to roast them in the oven with some oil, salt and pepper. Please note the colour of Oca tubers usually becomes more intense over the winter.