Mint Tea Mega Mix

Includes 5 different varieties of mint. Moroccan mint, Pineapple mint, Chocolate mint, Basil mint and Peppermint. You will receive 15 generous rhizomes in total – 3 of each variety. Vigorous rhizomes (Root cuttings) are freshly harvested on the day of purchase and posted unwashed for extra preservation. Each of the root cuttings is at least 10cm long and can be planted in a pot kept near the kitchen or into the garden directly any time of the year. More info on each mint below under pictures.

Mint Tea Mega Mix 14.90 EUR

Moroccan mint is the king of mints widely known for it’s superior flavor. It can be prepared as a tea and it’s used in cooking such as sauces.

Pineapple mint is a wonderfully decorative plant as well as having a unique smell and flavor especially in teas. It really does smell like pineapple!

Pepper mint is traditionally known as a cooling herb reducing fevers and it has many health benefits along with a great flavor for tea.

Chocolate Mint has a unique flavor excellent for tea.

Basil Mint has a rare and unique flavour. A nice addition in salads and eaten as is. It could also be used in tea.