Making Apple Juice

We got a box of eating apples from a friend with a surplus and made 10 liters of real apple juice. It’s so good freshly pressed with nothing added, you can’t buy it in the shops! It’s being stored in the fridge so it doesn’t start fermenting into cider, not that it would be an undesirable outcome. 😀

This batch wasn’t big enough to make preserving for long term storage worth while. We used a juicer this time, when we have more produce we will use a mulcher and a press. Besides, raw and unheated juice is much more healthy anyway, in particular due to the enzymes and vitamins that stay intact. It gives you a boost of energy, nearly like coffee but with long term benefits instead of dehydration.

We can’t wait to plant a few dozen more fruit trees this winter, it’s the best investment you can ever make. We’re always encouraging others make a start. Have you guys got any suggestions for trees other than the usual apple, pear, plum etc ?


Here is one of our apple trees that has only been planted this spring and it’s thriving with 30 medium sized but very tasty apples.

2 thoughts on “Making Apple Juice

  1. How do you preserve the fresh Juiced Apple Juice if you make so much with the slow juicer ? I do fresh Apple juicing too but also juicing in an évaporation type juicer. This one I can bottle at 75°C (about) So it “clics” and can be keep.

    1. Well this time we will be fine keeping in the fridge and just drink it over a week, also half of the juice goes to to apple supplier as a thanks. People on facebook said you can freeze apple juice, or heat it and bottle but then you get less vitamins and no enzymes. In the fridge it will be fine raw for a week.

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