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List of People that have Inspired us

Here’s a list of interesting people who have achieved extraordinary things that inspired our own learning and gardening for many years. This list is not complete yet and we will add onto it

Sepp Holzer – Diverse Permaculture Farming on a 100 acres of steep slopes in the coldest part of the Alps in Austria
Mark Shepard – Restauration Agriculture – STUN – Shear Total Utter Neglect and alley cropping / agroforestry on just over 100 acres in Washington state US
Michael Pilarski – Medicinal Herb and food Grower using permaculture on several 1 acre gardens in Washington state US
Ben Falk – The Resilient Homestead on 10 acres – Vermont US
Paul Gautschi – Back to Eden – Woodchip mulch gardening – Washington state US
Richard Perkins – Market garden, egg and meat production, small scale profitable farm business – Central Sweden
Martin Crawford – 2 acre Forest Garden with 550 species – mostly edible in Devon southern England
Spirit of Health KC – Herbalist – teaching classes on youtube – healing by design on Youtube – Kansas US
Klaus Leitenberger – Vegetable growing and Organic Center in Leitrim, Ireland
Charles Dowding – Market gardener on a half acre in the UK
Bruce – Research gardener in the RED project at Cloughjordan Eco village central Ireland
John Seamor – Old books on homesteading, tools and self-reliant gardening – UK and Ireland
Iain Tolhurst – Vegetable Farmer using woodchips to make compost – UK
Pete Kanaris – Green Dreams – Nursery and Permaculture style landscaping in central Florida US
Peter Cowman – Living Architecture in Leitrim, Ireland
UK Essential Craftsman – Pro tips on tools, framing and house building on Youtube in US

And many more…

Please let us know who inspired you in the comments below. Thanks!