Horseshoe Garden

This is a small no-dig and near zero-maintenance garden started at the beginning of June. It has proven itself extremely vigorous and productive with minimal effort after the initial establishment phase.

Please note that new pictures will be added to all galleries on an ongoing basis, so please check back every once in a while.


2 thoughts on “Horseshoe Garden

  1. Absolutely amazing results – definitely going to try your techniques. Do you have details here of the mushroom compost making, I assume you don’t buy that in?

    1. Actually we are bringing in mushroom compost from a mushroom farm. It’s made up of straw, chicken manure and gypsum. It is well composted, used to grow mushrooms for 6 weeks, steamed and discarded. This is why it’s available for cheap, transporting it on the other hand is not cheap. You could make it yourself, but when setting up a large garden you may need a few tons of it. We got a truck load and used all of it in a few weeks, also 4 large loads of woodchips. Fertility for years to come! 😀

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