Horseradish Harvest – Perennial Medicinal Spice

Horseradish is a hardy perennial from southeastern Europe. It’s edible spicy roots resemble the flavor of mustard or wasabi. They are best grated and eaten raw, also commonly made into a sauce. If cooked most of the pungency goes away. The roots have a number of uses in herbal medicine. The young leaves are excellent mixed into a salad. The horseradish plant can go to flower attracting pollinators and other beneficial insects to your garden. It’s prolific and spreads by roots running, same as raspberries. In a no dig garden the roots are easily pulled up and can be used in the kitchen or for propagation. Plants can grow to about 1 meter in height and width. Ideal for a mulched gardens or food forest. Best planted a permanent spot.

4 thoughts on “Horseradish Harvest – Perennial Medicinal Spice

  1. Hi I received my horseradish cuttings thank you! Just wondering can I plant these outdoors now or would I need to wait till spring? Thank you.

    1. Howya Ciaran, Thanks very much for your order and your comment. Horseradish are a very hardy plant. You can either plant them out directly or into individual pots and keep it in the greenhouse or on a window sill for the winter and it will start growing already. You can then plant it out when your garden space is ready. Our cuttings have started growing just by being left on the table. 😀 All the best, Martin

  2. Thanks, just ordered some from the shop. I make fire cider with horseradish root and other plant medicine in the winter. It’s a very potent cold and flu remedy – highly recommended ! Will be back to you in the new year to order ancient tubers . Love your videos and so lovely to see the little one pottering around with you . Blessings on you and yours !

    1. Hi Annette, Thanks very much for your order and your comment. Good to know that horseradish can be for colds & flues. All the best, Martin

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