Hardy Kiwi and Grape Vines Trellis

Yet another quick afternoon project sorted. We repotted some hardy kiwis (Issai) and grape vines last year. Lots of compost and woodchip mulch should get the vines off to a fertile start and keep them nearly weed free. These kiwis should grow and ripen successfully in our climate here in Ireland. Did any of you guys grow hardy kiwis?

We had been eager to plant them out into the garden so that they get a chance to spread their roots and grow bigger, but we didn’t have suitable spots ready for them until now. We are going to replace the lats with more natural looking timber once the climbers are within reach.

More information on hardy- / grape-kiwis: https://pfaf.org/user/plant.aspx?LatinName=Actinidia+arguta