Growing Mushrooms in Your Garden – Planting & Harvesting Winecap

The other day we were walking around the garden giving a little tour to some friends and we couldn’t believe our eyes when we stumbled upon a flush of Winecap mushrooms. We planted some spawn in late May last year in several places in our woodchip island garden. We are delighted to have another form of produce coming from an already very productive and low maintenance growing space. Winecap is also known as garden giant and it’s latin name is King Stropharia – a culinary and symbiotic mushroom connecting to plant roots extending them. The mycelium are the white strands that grow underground, the roots of the mushroom. These break down nutrients and minerals into a plant available form thus helping plants to grow bigger and healthier. —Quick Announcement – We are having our first LIVE broadcast on Youtube & Facebook tomorrow at 6.30pm. The main topic is ‘No Dig Lasagne Gardening’ featuring among others the Pizza Garden. You can ask questions to participate.