Greenhouse and Plant Nursery Tour End of Growing Season

With winter slowly but surely approaching at the of October here in Ireland, our plant nursery and greenhouse are finishing up for the year until the beginning of March. Even now there are still lots of interesting plants to see, such as Cinnamon vine, Apios, Goji’s, grapes, figs and thornless blackberries. This years plants and rooted cuttings are all being potted up to give them a fresh start in the Spring time with plenty of compost and rooting space.

Don’t forget you can still enter our Ancient Vegetable Giveaway. It’s free! There is a link for more information and a planting video below. We will be doing a tuber giveaway harvest video in December as soon as the plants have gone dormant. Enjoy and Good Luck!

6 Ancient Vegetables Grow Challenge and New Giveaway