Lawn to No Dig Abundance – Sensory Front Garden

We’re only midway in the second growing season after mulching and what a transformation it has been. We’ve done almost no maintenance to keep the garden in good shape, productive and beautiful. The mulch is increasing fertility and biodiversity steadily and keeping the garden free of unwanted plants and grasses. Most of the plants are perennial. These don’t need to be replanted every year and their root systems are ever expanding making them very drought resistant.

The ‘Sensory Front Garden’ is our next project at Birdland Cottage. It is a small south facing area at the front of the cottage, just under 1/10th of an acre including 2 giant monkey puzzle trees. The aim is to show that a garden can be both ornamental and productive, even for those with little space the potential is almost limitless. We’re looking to create an abundance of fruit, vegetables, medicinal, culinary fungi and herbs. By using techniques such as no dig lasagne gardening we have reduced maintenance to near zero and increased fertility for years to come.

Another key design feature is to encourage biodiversity by creating insect and wildlife habitat with an insect hotel, a brush pile and a small pond. Food sources for year around foraging are in the works, this will in turn encourage natural pest control and completely abolish the need for chemical inputs. We will be posting updates on our facebook page and website all the way from the setting up phase to harvests and wildlife spotting throughout the year!

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We are delighted to show all of you the first results of our ‘lawn to no dig abundance’ sensory garden. All available planting space has been fully populated with fruits, flowers, herbs and even some vegetables only less than 3 months after planting. Please let us know if you have any questions and comment below.

Third Season – Early Spring (2019)

Second Season Results (2018)


First season results (2017)


First season planting (2017)


In the beginning